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PIVOTRAX Tire Valve Stem Caps w/ Core Remover and Valve Cores (Set of 2 Caps and 4 Cores)

Red Cap
Blue Cap
Blue - 2 Sets
Red - 2 Sets

Not because it’s small, doesn’t mean it’s insignificant.

Never endanger yourself riding with a bottomed-out tire and prevent damages on your tire, inner tube, and rim. 

This tire valve stem cap will prevent air from escaping your tires and maintains your tire’s optimal PSI level so you can safely reach your destination while enjoying the ride! It also locks out moisture, dirt, and dust from your tires to avoid unseen damages.

The built-in core remover has an easy-grip function for hassle-free removal and installation of standard core valves in greasy, muddy, and oily conditions.

  • Easy installation and removal; Easy grip designed for greasy, oily and muddy conditions
  • High quality aluminum 6061
  • Sold in pairs
  • Offered in two color choices: red & blue
  • Anodized aluminum valve stem caps with an in-built core remover