Mitch Johnson

- 3rd place AMA Extreme Championship series
- Raced at TKOTennessee hard enduro race

Instagram: @singletracked

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Navas Petit

- Official GasGas Factory Free Rider
- 2nd place in the Best Whip competition

Instagram: @navaspetit837

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Mitch Johnson

I am 32 years old and live in Salt Lake City, Utah. I am an offroad rider that has raced in the following series NHHA, USRA, RMEC, FIM Hard Enduro World Championship, and in 2021 took 3rd in the AMA Extreme Championship Series (B Class).

I started riding dirt bikes in 2018 and have been chasing progress ever since. Exploring endless miles of singletrack has got me hooked on riding and the constant desire to improve my skills is what has ultimately led me to racing hard enduros.

I run the Pivotrax AP102 tire on my front (90/90-21) and rear (110/100-18). I picked up these tires with the goal of finding the ultimate tire to handle all conditions and styles of riding. I have tortured these tires in dirt, rocks, mud, roots, sand, snow and they have performed in each condition. 

I have run this tire in high speed offroad desert races and have been able to let this tire crawl through the gnarliest proving grounds the next day. The AP102 is capable of it all.. It is just up to me to match the PSI to the terrain that I wish to ride. I have run the rear tire as low as 3 PSI for some hard enduro rides through the gnarliest terrain I could find and I have found that it blasts through fast terrain at 8-12 PSI. It is nice to have a tire that lasts and I can trust in any condition.

Navas Petit

I started riding Dirt Bikes at the age of 4. My first steps in the racing background where motocross and supercross achieving many good results in my last 3 years of racing. I’ve raced in many countries, China, Netherlands, France and all around Spain. 

At the age of 22 I decided to follow my old brother steps and I switched my racing career to a new journey with Freestyle  or Freeride. Now, just two years later after I started my Freeride career I signed a contract with GasGas to be their factory free rider.

Why Pivotrax?

As a free rider I’m constantly changing my riding “playground”. One day I find myself jumping ramps, the other day I go to the desert to find some jumps, and probably next day I’ll end up riding motocross and I still want to be competitive so the AP102 tire is giving me freedom to do all this things with just one tire and still have the best traction in every riding spot. 

Our main goal together is to push the limits and get a gold medal in Xgames Moto QuarterPipe and BestWhip, create jumps in every place that is possible and go big in every Freestyle show we are performing.