Born of Apexway Products Corp., a Taiwanese firm with 40+ years of experience in the tire and accessories industry, PIVOTRAX was created with one main goal in mind:

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Nice thick reliable tube for the cost.

Was very impressed with how thick the tube was. I've got about a thousand miles on it now with no problems whatsoever doing a severe amount of off-road riding. I am a larger guy about 300 lb with an Enduro and it's not having any trouble with weight or abuse.

Lois A Curtis - Heavy Duty tubes: Size: 110/100-18 (4.50 X 18)
Perfect fit

Fit just like it was supposed to. Seems durable. Pinched it pretty good at install. Was worried I put a hole in it. Nope thank goodness it was as thick as it is.

spmcdonald - Heavy Duty Tubes Size: 110/100-18 (4.50 X 18)
Worth it

After reading about the cheaper tire irons peeling their chromium outer layer I decided to spend a little extra and got these instead. I was tired of getting my wheels scratched at the tire shop so I decided to do them myself. It was a little tough but I manage to mount my own tires. The tire irons held up great. One last thing, these came in a pair just in case you were wondering.

Average duud - Pivotrax Tire Irons x2
Love these, never pay for a tire change again

I purchased 3 of these along with some rim protectors and they made the process super easy. I highly recommend 3 since the two is just not quite enough to easily get the tire on and off the rim. They are strong but thin and light making them super easy to use. Great irons and they have holes in them so hanging them for storage is super easy too.

Michael Cook - Pivotrax Tire Irons
Great tool

I havent came across a reason not to like this tool yet. It helps in aiding the tire bead from rolling over during tire installation.
The few times I needed this little guy it has paid for itself, not to mention that I like the fact that it is plastic instead of metal, it prevents marring of the wheel which has happened before.

Justin - Bead Buddy
The best idea.

Having a valve core removal tool that is ALWAYS on the bike is such a bonus. Anodizing looks decent for the price too. The red isn't as 'pink' as most.

Nathaniel J. Kuhn - Tire Valve Stem Caps. Color: Red



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