AP102 is designed with the unique tread pattern and high quality rubber compound that works well for a great variety of terrains.

Our currently tires fit dirt bikes with rim sizes 10" 12" 14" 17" 18" 19" and 21"

A wider footprint means more grip providing the tread pattern and tire rubber compound is suited. No matter what bike you have it should have the wheel sizing written on its tires to identify what you have. Then it's a matter of narrow down the tire you need by thinking about what type of terrain you ride on most.

One of the first and most obvious signs you need to replace your Pivotrax tire is rounded or torn knobs. The majority of the knobs around the middle of the tire will look fairly worn down and ‘lifeless’ even when regularly riding on soft terrain. Depending on your riding style and cornering technique the side knobs on the side of your tire may also begin to round over time. Cracking and discolouration. Cracking and discolouration comes from old rubber - it could’ve been stored poorly, or, the tire is just simply old. You shoudln't storage your tires that long.

Our sand tire works great for Soft-terrain (sand/dunes/mud)

The tread pattern of AP102 tire is spaced to work great from loose and soft terrain trail to intermediate terrain.

Most dirt bike tires are ran at 12 psi. If you’re off by just a few pounds the bike will not be nearly as safe – or handle as well. However, you can run most tires between 8 psi to 16 psi. If you are riding on soft or sandy terrain, lower your air pressure to about 11 psi, and if you are running on a hard packed trail or track, raise it up to 14 psi.

Our AP102 is suitable for enduro. Ok, probably not so for hard-enduro. It has enough grip and traction to help you in whatever terrain you are choosing.

Definitely, our AP102 is a fast tire and it gives you the necessary traction to ride with confidence.

Our Pivotrax Sand works great for sandy and muddy terrains.

You can ride your Pivotrax AP102 either way. Depends on your riding style

Follow your wheel size and you shall not be wrong.

Most regular dirt bike tires are not recommended for pavement because they will wear faster. But AP102 can take some pavement thanks to its rubber resistance.

Watch our installation video.

Our Tire Change Install Tool will fit most Pit Bike, Dirt Bike, MX Motocross bikes. Rim sizes from 10" to 21"

If you ride enduro and you want to travel light, you can use 3 Tire Change Install Tools and 1 tire iron. Another combination is 2 tire irons and 1 or 2 bead buddies.

PIVOTRAX valve stem caps are universal fit for Bikes, Cars, SUVs, Trucks, and other motor vehicles (DOES NOT FIT FOR PRESTA VALVE )

Rim locks are only for keeping the tire from spinning on the rim. When this happens your valve stem rips off, and your tire goes flat. With rim locks you are able to lower the tire pressure substantially without risk of spinning a tube(as its called). You could sharpen the rim locks to provide better grip.

The critical measurement is the back set. This is the measurement from the leading edge of the door to the centre of the key hole.

It should be around 10-13 ft-lbs. Some riders under torque the rim lock nut, others over torque. Those that over torque the rim lock nut with certain OEM rim locks can actually rip the stud from the body of the rim lock.

The sprocket bolts come loose because of all the energy being dispersed by the sprocket. Every time you roll the throttle the sprockets spin fast, then slow than fast again and sometimes just open up anytime you hit a straightaway. Add all that jostling from the ground, jumps and whoops you have a recipe for loosening that which needs to stay fastened. Eventually, the tightest of tights on these little bolts comes undone.

Before every ride - EVERY RIDE - tighten to spec. Get your torque wrench and tighten. In case you forget to check the bolts before EVERY RIDE, fasten the bolts in using Blue Loctite. That should keep them lock tight for a while.

Our AP102 and Sand Tire will come with a customized carton with it. Our Mini Tires are wrapped up.

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It depends on the destination and the arrangement of the logistic. Normally you will receive the order within 7 working days.

We use FedEx and Amazon Fulfillment to sent out our products.

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We are sorry to hear you want to return our tires. Please provide a photo of the tire and the current status of it. We will return/ reimborse your money back after we receive the tire.

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