15” Tire Mount / Tire Iron

15” Tire Mount / Tire Iron

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Changing your tires doesn’t have to be a chore anymore.

The round edges that don’t damage the tires.
The curved body that provides better leverage.
The anti-slip feature that won’t make you mess things up.
All of those together in this 15” Tire Mount/Demount Curved Iron helps you change your tires minus the frustration. The curved tire high-quality drop-forged steel will be your best bud when changing tires.

Storage? Simply hang it in your garage for your next tire change.

  • Curved tire iron with unique hanging design for easier storage
  • Made from high quality drop forged steel
  • Curved design enable better leverage, making installation of tires easier
  • Anti slip design perfect for easy removal of tires
  • Round edged design to avoid from tire damage and tube pinching
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