Running with our soft compound AP102, our brand ambassador Mitch Johnson (@singletracked) will be joining this EnduroCross race. Keep posted for the race feedback!

AMA EnduroCross

Electrifying off-road motorcycle racing that takes the race format of motocross and combines it with the challenging obstacles of an enduro, all packed into the tight confines of a fan-friendly stadium setting. Riders have to race over rock beds, tractor tires and across telephone poles which is guaranteed to exhilarate, captivate, and inspire thrill-seeking fans. 

Link to the event


Race Feedback

"Endurocross is no joke! I figured I could show up for my first Endurocross race and do quite well from all of the hard enduro racing and training I have done the last couple of years. I was humbled quickly and couldn't believe how fatigued I was after just minutes of sprinting around the course. 


The course consisted of many different obstacles. Two sections that stood out were the rock section and the log matrix. The rock section had two parts, a slight uphill with tightly placed boulders and a slight downhill of boulders planted in the dirt but awkwardly placed. This set up allowed the rocks to get greasy with mud and riders would get stuck and spin holes in the dirt between the rocks. The log matrix was fairly straightforward but required momentum and a solid drive to keep clean.


I ran the Pivotrax AP102 on as my front and rear tire. This tire is great for Endurocross! Gummy for the obstacles with a moto tread pattern to chuck dirt and rail corners."




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