Pivotrax Footpeg Installation Instruction


Enhanced Stability and Confidence

The Brick series provides a larger platform, offering riders a secure and stable footing during their adventures. With a broader surface area than stock footpegs, riders can maintain better control over their Surron, Talaria eBike, even during challenging terrains. The extended platform also allows for easier weight shifting and bouncing, making it ideal for off-road enthusiasts seeking an adrenaline-filled experience.

Unrivaled Comfortability

The Brick Series excels in providing exceptional comfortability, thanks to its larger platform. Designed specifically for the Surron, Talaria eBike, the footpeg's spacious surface allows riders to find their optimal foot position, reducing fatigue and discomfort during long rides. Embrace the ultimate riding comfort with The Brick series footpegs.

Effortless Assembly and Versatility

Installing The Brick footpegs is a breeze. The compatible adapter for Surron LBX or Surron Ultrabee ensures a perfect fit with no modifications required, enabling riders to get on the road quickly. Additionally, The Brick series offers a wide range of add-on parts, including the DOUBLE X Peg Shield cover and extension options like the long claw nail, long claw, short claw nail, and short claw. These add-ons allow riders to personalize their footpeg setup according to their riding style and preferences.

Embrace the power of PIVOTRAX EXTENDABLE MOTORCYCLE FOOTPEGS - The Brick Series, and experience unparalleled security, comfort, and versatility on your Surron Talaria eBike. Gear up for the ride of a lifetime!