Our brand ambassador Mitch Johnson starts the race month racing in this local desert race. He will be testing our soft compound AP102.

Nutty Putty Grand Enduro

Race info:

Big bikes will start two at a time every 15 seconds, start will be in a transfer section, however, you will be racing the person that starts on your row with you to the start of test one. The start of test one will be rolling start, your time will start as you roll by. There are only 2 test sections of approximately 20 miles each that equal one loop. This is a two-loop race.

Enduro Etiquette, this is a timed race, you are racing the clock. If a rider comes up behind you, they already made up time and you should let them by.

Test time and Shane Watts Challenge

Shane Watts will be the first rider off the line, he will have a 1-minute head start and the first rider to catch and pass him gets $50. The rider with the fastest time in test one gets $100 and the rider with the fastest time in test two gets $100. Loop one only. Loop 2 will be the same test sections, but they will be scored as tests three and four.

 Race Feedback 

"This race is new to the USRA circuit and I hope it is here to stay! The Enduro consisted of two 40 mile loops and 2 test sections in each loop. The first test section was my favorite. It consisted of a lot of singletrack but was a bit more technical and filled with solid rocks and loose/chunky terrain. I was definitely glad to have the gummy AP102 in the rocks and couldn’t believe the hook up I was getting out of loose or sandy corners. Loop 2 picked up the pace with a fast desert track that really allowed you to get on the gas.

Loop 2 was the same course as loop 1 but the desert terrain had changed from all of the riders and the trail was breaking down into a fine silt. I was fortunate enough to catch some clean air for most of the 2nd loop and only came across some lappers that were happy to get out of the way as they worked towards completing their first loop. The dreams of finishing with clean air ended when caught a tree with my handle bar and flew headfirst off of the bike and into the rocks. I got up quick ran back to my bike and finished the race as strong as I could. I am currently sporting a black eye and some nasty blisters from this race. These nasty courses can take a toll on the body.. But they are the most fun!" 


Race Results 

1st place in 30+ Expert and 11th overall
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