Knolls, UT


Organized by Race UMORA

This ISDE style sprint enduro is being laid out by one of Utah's greatest enduro racers and multi-time ISDE qualifier..... Josh knight.  

Our brand ambassador Mitch Johnson will be racing with our AP102 tires and he'll put some of our products on display. Go and show some support!

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Race feedback 

"This race got wild! The day started off in windy/sandy haze. Visibility was so low that you could hardly see other rigs on pit lane. As the morning progressed the skies got blue and it looked like the perfect day to race! Little did we know, this was the calm before the storm. 

This race was set up as a sprint enduro and each test section was created in an ISDE style. Before I made it to test 1 the wind had already picked up and I found myself pinned through the desert flats riding at an angle into the wind to keep straight. I found myself getting pushed off of my line from even the smallest bit of air time when jumping through the whoop sections. As nasty as the wind was.. this just added to the fun. The test section turns seemed endless and the sand was soft enough to stop you in your tracks if you made an error.  As I came back to the pits from loop 1 the fun was starting to wear off as the temps dropped and rain/sand pelted my face and body as we raced head on into the wind. 

When I came into the pits I changed my jersey, goggles, gloves and put on a jacket. This fresh start was just what I needed to start loop 2. Loop 2 was prime! Visibility had increased and the test sections had developed deeper ruts that you could trust

Overall - This was a great event with a great course set up. The weather didn’t cooperate but we ended up a lot of memories!"

Mitch Johnson 

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