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SAND MOTOCROSS TIRE COMBO 110/90-19 (4.50x19) | TIRE X1 +TUBE X1 |

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🔧 AP102 Tire

  • ➡️ SIZE: 110/90-19 (4.50x19) INCH. Rim Size: 19" Designed for Sandy terrain.
  • ➡️ More motocross tire sizes are available in the product description for you to choose from.
  • ✅ Optimum void ratio provides outstanding handling balance and grip.
  • ✅ Providing good traction for various terrains
  • ✅ Shoulder knobs designed with a larger contact area with the ground provide excellent cornering performance.

🔧 Inner Tube

  • ✅3mm thick heavy-duty tubes
  • ✅Puncture and pinch-resistant
  • ✅Designed specifically for motocross and off-road use
  • ✅Seamless construction
  • ✅Heavy-duty durable TR4 valve stem.