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          🔧 Tire Iron

  • ✅ Curved tire iron with the unique hanging design for easier storage
  • ✅ Made from high-quality drop forged steel
  • ✅ Curved design enables better leverage, making installation of tires easier
  • ✅ Anti-slip design perfect for easy removal of tires
  • ✅ Round edged design to avoid tire damage and tube pinching

           🔧 Tire Change Install Tool

  • ✅ PIVOTRAX tire change install tool fits for most dirt bike, pit bike, MX Motocross, and any motorcycle rim with spokes
  • ✅ PA 6 Glass Fibre Reinforced - Made of highly durable and light PA 6 + GF 30% to avoid scratching the rim while tire installation.
  • ✅ Atmospheric Fashion - Compared to the original Bead Buddy on the market, it has a more exquisite design.
  • ✅ Cost-effective - It makes the installation of motorcycle dirt bike off-road tires easier by using the Bead Buddy.
  • ✅ Used to work the tires onto the rim, hook over spoke, and set inside the rim to push the tire bead down.